Cat Hunting Blackbird

Cat Hunting Blackbird

Cat Hunting Blackbird
Mixed Media – Primarily ballpoint ink pen with a small amount of colored pencil and yellow marker
Size: 8.5″x11″

I began this drawing last Thursday with a very quick, rough sketch while exploring recent photos on Flickr. A couple of photos I saw by two different people, close together in the Photostream — almost side-by-side — sparked my imagination. The coincidental placement of these two images inspired me to combine what I imagined to be happening into one drawing.

The result is a kind of massive Zentangle, brightly colored with a slight abstract quality that I’m very pleased with. I spent a total of 18.5 hours on this drawing over the course of the last week. This was so enjoyable that I find myself at a loss today with nothing to work on. Onward to find more inspiration!

And speaking of Blackbirds, I have to share Kary Johnson‘s video that I ran across last week also titled simply, Blackbird. Enjoy! 😉


Day 205 Freshly Molted Spider

My daily photo for July 23, 2012 is late… again. I could have had the photo posted, but I wanted to wait until I had the video I put together for this post secured online before posting the picture. I have a few choice words for video editing and uploading large files like that to YouTube. None of them are polite, so I’ll refrain. The sentiment is “grrr” to the power of infinity.

Anyway… this spider lives on my front porch. He has been there since spring, and I’ve watched him grow up from a tiny little thing. He’s now at least 3 times the size he was when I first noticed him. It’s become a habit to look for him whenever I go outside because he builds his web in the same place every night. Last night, I watched in amazement as he molted. At first, I thought something was wrong with him; but when I realized that he was molting, I couldn’t stop watching. I have to say that this was pretty special to watch and very fascinating! Enjoy the video and share your reactions! 😉

Amazing Flock of Birds

I believe these are European Starlings. Someone correct me if I am wrong. This is only the second time that I have seen anything like this in person. These birds flock together at the intersection of S. Willow Ave. and W. Spring St. I was so taken by their display of acrobats while sitting at a red light that I pulled into a parking lot to take video of them. I could watch this for hours, simply amazing.

Spreading a little love for one of nature’s most beautiful ballets. 🙂

Silly Squirrel

This squirrel has been visiting my bird feeders for as long as I’ve had them up. Even though I put out two squirrel feeders for corn, he insists on taking the bird’s suet and birdseed. I love to watch him do his acrobatics to obtain his prize. The birds don’t seem to mind his presence either, so I’m not going to complain.

I’m playing my keyboard in the background. It’s my own rendition of Chopin’s Nocturne op. 9/2. I know it is not perfect. I know my timing is off. I know it does not sound like the original piece. In my defense, I have never been formally trained in piano; but I love to play nevertheless. Music soothes the soul and has been a passion of mine since childhood.

Oh, and that is our cat, Sasha, meowing at the end, LOL. She’s such a little ham.

Sasha vs. The T-Shirt

Sasha just can’t resist rolling around on her human’s t-shirt when he gets home from work. She’s quite the gymnast. My boyfriend does construction work and it gets hot up on a roof. Hope that helps explain her obsession, lol.

I tried filming her with the curtains open and all the lights on in this room. It still came out dark. The brightness adjustment is pretty obvious and I’m still having issues getting the aspect ratio the correct size, apparently. For future reference, though, I think I’ve figured out my error and how to change that. It *is* a learning process.

Music: Rags to Riches Rag by Jason Shaw @
You can visit his channel here: