Green Eyes

Green Eyes

Green Eyes, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

One more post today since I cleared off my camera earlier and found this photo of Dasha. She’s such a patient model, especially when she’s in her favorite spot on my lap (getting a belly rub). Those eyes! I was surprised that I captured a perfect reflection of the lamp in her pupil.


I Didn’t See You Hiding There

I had to laugh when I finally noticed Moses sleeping here a few nights ago. The only reason I even realized he was there was because he stretched out one paw as if to wave hello. When David and I are watching TV, we usually use only one dimly lit lamp. Moses blended in so well in the darkened room that had he not stretched I may have never realized he was there. Needless to say, the electronics got vacuumed today when I cleaned.

I also had to do repairs today on the plastic David put up on our windows. The cats had already clawed at it. While doing that, I noticed a whole flock of Eastern Bluebirds under the pine trees. There must have been 8 – 10 of them out there! Such pretty little birds. I’ve never seen so many together at once.

Watching Leaves

Watching Leaves by pixygiggles
Watching Leaves, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

It has been so windy today with the storms that are moving through. I was surprised to see how quickly the road in front of our house and our yard were completely covered in leaves. Yesterday, there were only a few down, nothing really, compared to today. When I first glanced outside, it looked as if Mother Nature decided to dump them all at once. Even the pine trees outside the computer room have suddenly turned brown with pine needles falling everywhere.

The humidity inside the house was stifling; so I opened the door for a little while, much to our cats’ delight. Each one took a turn at the door, sniffing the air and trying to pounce through the glass at the falling leaves as they drifted around the porch.

Tonight, I find myself with my small flashlight attached to a belt loop on my pants because the lights have flickered so much. Perfect weather for Halloween! ;P

Catnip Harvest 2013

We Can’t Wait

David asked me to harvest the catnip today. We waited a bit longer this year in order to give the seeds a chance to fall back down into the flower-pot. When I brought it into the house, it didn’t take long for all 5 cats to catch a whiff. Before I even made it to the kitchen counter, all 5 were pacing excitedly around my legs. Moses and Sierra couldn’t wait. They jumped up on the counter and proceeded to devour their fill.


After wrangling all the large stems away from them, I bundled them together to hang and dry out for the next few days. Moses decided to hang out and waller in the left over leaves.

Catnip Harvest 2013

It turned out to be a pretty nice sized bundle.


To my surprise I brought along a hitchhiker (or two) who ran for cover away from the cats and fell in the kitchen sink. After saving her from a certain watery death, I took the time to get a few photos. I know she’s a crab spider (family Thomisidae), but I don’t know the genus or species.

Strike a Pose

Using this fork I was trying to put her in the cup with the remaining seeds I collected and debris to be dumped back outside in the flower-pot; but she kept climbing up the fork instead of into the cup.

Balancing Act

There was a second hitchhiker, much, much smaller. It looked to be a baby spider. Maybe, the larger one is the mom. The tiny one was so small that I really couldn’t get the camera to focus on it, not to mention the poor little thing was so skittish that when I finally did get the large one into the cup, the baby ran over and hid under her. Click on the photo below to view larger. You can just barely make out the baby under her right legs.

Ready to go home.

I released both outside safely, back into their flower-pot. Unfortunately, now, they haven’t any cover to keep them safe. I hope they find a safe home nearby and live long lives. My guess is they’ll go back to their spider family and tell them all about their alien abduction! Haha!