Day 300 A Good Laugh

Day 300 A Good Laugh by pixygiggles
Day 300 A Good Laugh, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

I really wanted to make something today, something different. Today’s photo is the result of having a creative urge with no particular direction.


Day 162 The Friendship Bracelet

Today has been one of those lazy, rainy, dreary Sundays. In search of something to entertain my brain, I found a pattern for a friendship bracelet. I remember those from my elementary school days, 3rd grade to be exact. Before classes started for the day, all the students gathered in the gymnasium where we congregated in clusters of kids excitedly chattering, playing jacks, or passing on the newest craze of the day. Those were the days of paper fortune tellers and friendship bracelets. All the girls were making them.

I wanted so much to learn how to weave these pretty tokens of friendship back then; but I never quite grasped the technique. I blame it on a lack of patience… and well… a lack of embroidery floss. I remember having tried to make one with regular thread, but that was a horrible disaster! The frustration was too much and I gave up trying.

I didn’t have any floss in the house today, either. I did, however, have a collection of strings that I had been keeping for a rainy day like today. They’re the strings from the big bags of cat food (red) and bird seed (white) that you pull to open the bag. Hey, why not?

I didn’t have any problems following the pattern. In fact, I think if I had this pattern as a kid, I would have never given up trying to make one. The hardest part was keeping the cats off the strings. ;P It only took me 30 years, but I finally taught myself how to make a friendship bracelet! Now, I just have to finish it, LOL.

Link to the pattern I used:

Day 138 Beaded Sandals

Day 138 Beaded Sandals by pixygiggles
Day 138 Beaded Sandals, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Today I decided to decorate my sandals. I loved the top half of these, but I thought the toe area could use a little something because it was awfully plain. The photo below contains before and after shots. This was actually a lot easier than I expected to accomplish. The hardest part was tying off the ends to keep it secured.

Day 45 Happy Valentine’s Day!

Via Flickr:
I ran across this clever craft idea yesterday on a website called Shelterness while searching for something creative to do. […] I didn’t have the rustic floral wire that the project called for, so I substituted using wire coat hangers. I decided to wrap the wire completely with yarn which added a nice effect. It was a very simple project and lots of fun!

This photo shows the colors of the yarn a little bit better.

I hope everyone has a happy Valentine’s Day!