Look, A Baby Bunny!

I was sitting outside painting my toenails — the sunlight is far better for accuracy — when all of a sudden I heard the most awful screeching I’ve ever heard. Moses, my 14-year-old-masterful-hunter black cat, emerged from the neighbor’s sheep pasture through the mostly overgrown fence-row carrying something in his mouth. As he ran past me into the house — still carrying said critter, squalling, in his mouth — I jumped up to chase after him, fussing at him the entire way and not knowing what on earth the cat dragged in. As I reached the living room, right on his heels, he had already dropped his prize. As it scampered away for shelter behind one of the stereo speakers, I finally realized that what Moses brought into our house was a baby bunny!

Baby Bunny #1

It was about twice the size of a hamster. The poor little thing was so traumatized that I easily captured it, without touching it, in a small critter carrier after moving a few pieces of furniture around to get to it. I gave it a little while to calm down in the safety of that carrier until I herded all of our cats indoors. This also gave me the chance to look it over, making sure Moses didn’t injure it. Thankfully, it didn’t appear to have any physical injuries, not even any puncture wounds. It hopped around a bit in the carrier, so all bones seemed to be in their proper place.

Baby Bunny #2

After doing a quick search online, I realized the best course of action would be to release it close to where Moses brought it through the fence. From what I read online, mother rabbits will call to their babies for their nightly feeding should they wander off from the nest. By this time it was already getting dark; so I ended up creating a little nest out of cedar mulch in the shelter of the fence-row. I was careful not to touch the baby because I didn’t want to take the chance of its mother smelling my scent on her baby. I even placed some lettuce and carrots out there with the hope that this would entice an adult rabbit to come along and help. I sat outside with the baby for another 15 minutes before coming back inside.

Baby Bunny #3

After a little over an hour, I went back outside to check on the baby. As soon as I walked out on the back steps, I noticed an adult rabbit sitting in the yard. Flashlight in hand, I walked back over to the fence-row where I “nested” the baby. It was gone. I’m really, really hoping the baby made it back to its mother safely. It. Was. So. Adorable! Aside from the fact that this is probably the most precious gift my cat, Moses, has ever brought me, I have to say that I gave him the most stern scolding I could invoke for having snatched this beautiful baby bunny from its family.

Moses unfazed by his scolding is grounded indoors for the night.

Moses Loves Catnip

And I smeared every single one of my toenails in the process of all of this, lol.


Catnip Harvest 2013

We Can’t Wait

David asked me to harvest the catnip today. We waited a bit longer this year in order to give the seeds a chance to fall back down into the flower-pot. When I brought it into the house, it didn’t take long for all 5 cats to catch a whiff. Before I even made it to the kitchen counter, all 5 were pacing excitedly around my legs. Moses and Sierra couldn’t wait. They jumped up on the counter and proceeded to devour their fill.


After wrangling all the large stems away from them, I bundled them together to hang and dry out for the next few days. Moses decided to hang out and waller in the left over leaves.

Catnip Harvest 2013

It turned out to be a pretty nice sized bundle.


To my surprise I brought along a hitchhiker (or two) who ran for cover away from the cats and fell in the kitchen sink. After saving her from a certain watery death, I took the time to get a few photos. I know she’s a crab spider (family Thomisidae), but I don’t know the genus or species.

Strike a Pose

Using this fork I was trying to put her in the cup with the remaining seeds I collected and debris to be dumped back outside in the flower-pot; but she kept climbing up the fork instead of into the cup.

Balancing Act

There was a second hitchhiker, much, much smaller. It looked to be a baby spider. Maybe, the larger one is the mom. The tiny one was so small that I really couldn’t get the camera to focus on it, not to mention the poor little thing was so skittish that when I finally did get the large one into the cup, the baby ran over and hid under her. Click on the photo below to view larger. You can just barely make out the baby under her right legs.

Ready to go home.

I released both outside safely, back into their flower-pot. Unfortunately, now, they haven’t any cover to keep them safe. I hope they find a safe home nearby and live long lives. My guess is they’ll go back to their spider family and tell them all about their alien abduction! Haha!

Day 341 Christmas Kisses

Day 341 Christmas Kisses by pixygiggles
Day 341 Christmas Kisses, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

I wanted to get my daily photo posted before midnight, so I’m posting this one as the best in the series of photos I took a few minutes ago. Yes, I know, much later than normal; but I got a little sidetracked today. I’ll be updating this post in a little while with a few others that I wanted to put together as a series or maybe a triptych.

Update 12.7.12:

I wanted to share this second group of photos because I thought it would make a good public service announcement and reminder about pets and chocolate. Any time I am taking photos, Sasha loves to be in the middle of whatever I’m doing. She is our most curious and playful kitty. These are a few out-takes from yesterday’s daily photo,  showing her most mischievous side. Don’t worry, I took the Hershey’s Kiss away from her immediately after she batted it off and gave her a more appropriate toy. Chocolate is toxic for cats and dogs; so remember to keep your pet’s safety in mind. Life gets particularly hectic this time of year. It can be especially tempting for pets when human treats like chocolates are more readily available in the home. From PetMD:

Chocolate is derived from the roasted seeds of Theobroma cacao, which contains certain properties that can be toxic to cats: caffeine and theobromine. When ingested, these two ingredients can lead to various medical complications and may even prove fatal for your cat.

For more information about chocolate and your pet’s health visit:

Day 329 Numb Fingers

Day 329 Numb Fingers by pixygiggles
Day 329 Numb Fingers, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

Ya know, it’s a wonder my computer’s mouse works at all with as much cat hair as these guys leave behind on my desk. I’ve already had to replace it once. It’s an ongoing battle of dominance for the coveted bedding spot beside my desk. Dasha has taken to climbing up on my desk to bathe Moses until he either relents his position or challenges her to a staring contest. She rarely wins those. Thankfully, Moses chased her off today before I completely lost all feeling in my fingers! Haha! I almost didn’t upload this one as my daily because of the blur, but I decided that the blur added a bit of action to the photo. It’s also a perfect example of a daily occurrence that I find to be one of the most enduring aspects of the friendship that our cats have developed with one another.

Day 298 The Batty Keyboard

Day 299 The Batty Keyboard by pixygiggles
Day 298 The Batty Keyboard, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

A friend of David’s gave him this keyboard for helping her move last year. It was a frightful mess when he brought it home. I’ve spent a great deal of time over the past year trying to clean it up. The keys had masking tape on them with the corresponding notes written on them which left it a sticky mess once removed. This is the main reason I don’t play this keyboard more often because I have a real aversion to stickiness. A few more cleanings with Goo Gone and Windex may take care of that yet. It’s a very time-consuming process, though, as great care must be taken to prevent any liquid from seeping into the electronic components.

The bat sticker on the Casio WK-1630 is the only one that remains from its previous owner. I chose to leave that one because it was still in good shape and I felt it gave the keyboard character. The WK-1630 still has a great sound, and I really like that it has 15 more keys than my other one. I still prefer my Casio CTK-800 because the piano tone sounds a little more authentic and the keys are less spongy. Here’s a comparison video of the two keyboards.

When I was a kid my family always used to go to Silver Dollar City (later Dollywood) in Pigeon Forge, TN, for summer fun. After graduating high school, I even worked at Dollywood for a couple of seasons. By far, it was the most entertaining job I ever had. One of my favorite rides at this park as a child was the Flooded Mine. It was removed from Dollywood in the late ’90’s in order to make room for Daredevil Falls.

For some reason, this catchy little tune that played throughout the ride has been stuck in my head since childhood. I have no idea what the song is actually called. I know that there were words to it, but those have long since left my brain. I finally recorded myself playing the closest version that my memory can recollect. Beware, the tune may get stuck in your head, too! Haha!

Bored Kitteh

I had to laugh when I walked through the kitchen this afternoon and found the shredded paper towels. I laughed even harder when I got to my desk and noticed this note from David. Moses was ever so nonchalant about the incident.