Cat Hunting Blackbird

Cat Hunting Blackbird

Cat Hunting Blackbird
Mixed Media – Primarily ballpoint ink pen with a small amount of colored pencil and yellow marker
Size: 8.5″x11″

I began this drawing last Thursday with a very quick, rough sketch while exploring recent photos on Flickr. A couple of photos I saw by two different people, close together in the Photostream — almost side-by-side — sparked my imagination. The coincidental placement of these two images inspired me to combine what I imagined to be happening into one drawing.

The result is a kind of massive Zentangle, brightly colored with a slight abstract quality that I’m very pleased with. I spent a total of 18.5 hours on this drawing over the course of the last week. This was so enjoyable that I find myself at a loss today with nothing to work on. Onward to find more inspiration!

And speaking of Blackbirds, I have to share Kary Johnson‘s video that I ran across last week also titled simply, Blackbird. Enjoy! 😉


Green Eyes

Green Eyes

Green Eyes, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

One more post today since I cleared off my camera earlier and found this photo of Dasha. She’s such a patient model, especially when she’s in her favorite spot on my lap (getting a belly rub). Those eyes! I was surprised that I captured a perfect reflection of the lamp in her pupil.

Abstract Watercolor Kitty

Abstract Watercolor Kitty by pixygiggles
Abstract Watercolor Kitty, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

This is a fairly small piece, 6″ X 4.25″ that I worked on last night. It was a “just paint something” type of a thing. I was playing around with color and ended up with this. Noticing the similarity of the shape that reminded me of a profile of a cat, I went back in with black ink after it dried. I kind of like it. I may explore this a little more today. What do you think? 🙂

I Didn’t See You Hiding There

I had to laugh when I finally noticed Moses sleeping here a few nights ago. The only reason I even realized he was there was because he stretched out one paw as if to wave hello. When David and I are watching TV, we usually use only one dimly lit lamp. Moses blended in so well in the darkened room that had he not stretched I may have never realized he was there. Needless to say, the electronics got vacuumed today when I cleaned.

I also had to do repairs today on the plastic David put up on our windows. The cats had already clawed at it. While doing that, I noticed a whole flock of Eastern Bluebirds under the pine trees. There must have been 8 – 10 of them out there! Such pretty little birds. I’ve never seen so many together at once.

Watching Leaves

Watching Leaves by pixygiggles
Watching Leaves, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

It has been so windy today with the storms that are moving through. I was surprised to see how quickly the road in front of our house and our yard were completely covered in leaves. Yesterday, there were only a few down, nothing really, compared to today. When I first glanced outside, it looked as if Mother Nature decided to dump them all at once. Even the pine trees outside the computer room have suddenly turned brown with pine needles falling everywhere.

The humidity inside the house was stifling; so I opened the door for a little while, much to our cats’ delight. Each one took a turn at the door, sniffing the air and trying to pounce through the glass at the falling leaves as they drifted around the porch.

Tonight, I find myself with my small flashlight attached to a belt loop on my pants because the lights have flickered so much. Perfect weather for Halloween! ;P