Day 339 Chaos

Day 339 Chaos by pixygiggles
Day 339 Chaos, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

It was a nasty night to run out to the store. If Moses hadn’t been close to running out of his cat food, I probably would have waited until tomorrow to go. While waiting in the parking lot for the rain to let up a little, I snapped a few photos. This one turned out my favorite because it’s so chaotic. It’s interesting how light reflects from all of the windows in a car. I had the camera pointed out the driver’s side window, yet it caught a reflection of the Pepsi sign out of the passenger side. The banner/streamer things hanging above the parking lot added a nice splash of color.


Day 218 Abstract Sierra

Day 218 Abstract Sierra by pixygiggles
Day 218 Abstract Sierra, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

It was a lazy Sunday, not much going on. I only managed to snap a couple photos today before my battery died, so I settled on this one of Sierra. It had a nice abstract quality about it that I thought was visually interesting and different. Can you guess what I was looking through?

Day 187 Old Door

Day 187 Old Door by pixygiggles
Day 187 Old Door, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
My daily photo is one from the few minutes I sat in the floor with the door open watching a storm blow in. I glanced over and noticed how the light was hitting the door and the textured layers of paint that old doors often have. After a few adjustments, I really liked how this one turned out.

We finally got a little rain today, a quick downpour that lasted, maybe, 15 minutes. Hopefully, more will come through the night. The air smelled wonderful with that heavy scent of earth and water that precedes a storm. The trees bent and swayed from high winds as if dancing a lively ceremonial rain dance. I sat at the door watching this dance as the trees shook dead limbs from their boughs and the wind carried their leaves through the air filling the sky. None of the photos I took while all of this was going on captured the energy these trees seemed to posses at that moment. I did, however, get a short video clip that gives you a taste of what I enjoyed watching today.