Early Autumn Sunsets Are the Best

Early Autumn Sunsets Are the Best

I realize that my last post was also a sunset photo. I apologize for redundancy, but these evening skies lately have been something else! This was the perfect ending to a long day of yard work. Now, I’m going to relax for a bit. I’m wore out!


3 thoughts on “Early Autumn Sunsets Are the Best

  1. Glorious!!!
    I’ve been being repetitive on my Instagram account – posting sunrises! They have been spectacular! My photos don’t come close to capturing the beauty.
    I think your photo above, does!!!

    1. Thanks, as always, Mary! I don’t think photos ever quite do sunsets (or sunrises) justice. There’s just something awesome about looking up at the sky when the colors are so vivid like that. Due to David’s second-shift work schedule and our sleep schedule as a result, I haven’t seen a sunrise in ages!

      1. I am so NOT a morning person, it’s a shock to all who know me that I am producing sunrise images! But for some reason, since moving to a new place, I’m waking just as the sun rises every morning. Mind you, I don’t stay up! I take my photos and then curl up back in my bed, snug as a bug in a rug, and sleep a while longer! 🙂

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