A Walk Along the Fencerow

Unknown Coneflower #1Unknown Coneflower #1

I really enjoy taking walks along the fencerows on my way to the mailbox. I took my time on this afternoon’s walk to snap a few photos along the way. The skies here have been overcast all day with chilly temperatures that remind me autumn will soon arrive. I’m not convinced that these first two flowers are wildflowers. They may have been planted purposefully by previous renters as they are quite lovely. At first I thought Black-eyed Susans or Gray-headed Coneflowers, but I also found one called Purple-headed Sneezeweed (funny name) that looks similar. It could be a cross-breed of any number of flowers. Feel free to venture a guess.

Unknown Coneflower #2Unknown Coneflower #2

I’m pretty sure we have both Ladysthumb and pale smartweed growing out here, but I’m not certain enough on the ID to label this next photo with either. In researching the two, I did find out that “the two species can hybridize.” I’m not one to judge a weed harshly. These add a nice touch of color that I find attractive.


There is plenty of Goldenrod growing along the fencerows. These are one of my favorite wildflowers for its bright yellow splash of color. The scent is light and fragrant and attracts a wide variety of insects. This Double-banded Scoliid was busily at work on this one.

Double-banded Scoliid on GoldenrodDouble-banded Scoliid on Goldenrod

I could probably do a post on nothing but morning glories growing around here. We have purple ones, orange ones, white ones — you get the picture. I’m trying to coax one into the latticework off the back steps of our place; but wouldn’t you know, it’s the only one I’ve seen that is not flowering! Maybe it’s just a late bloomer.

Morning GloryMorning Glory

I’ll leave you today with two more photos of a Black-and-Yellow Argiope. This is the smaller of the two that I spoke about in last Sunday’s post, Sunday Spider. For all I know, it could be a different one completely because if it is the smaller of the two, it grew a lot in the past week. The huge one is still there, but had its web built in a briar patch that I couldn’t comfortably reach.

Black-and-Yellow Argiope #3 Black-and-Yellow Argiope #4


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