Sunday Spider

Black-and-Yellow Argiope #1Species Argiope aurantia – Black-and-Yellow Argiope

I absolutely LOVE these spiders. I’ve looked for one to photograph for so many years to no avail. That is, until now. There are a wide variety of garden spiders or “writing” spiders on this piece of property. I took the photo above on August 31st. David swears its body size was that of a quarter. I’m going to say that it was at the very least the size of a nickel. It’s HUGE! And oh, so lovely!

I walked back out to visit it on September 4th. It and another smaller Black-and-Yellow Argiope are still there. The larger one rebuilt its web at a different angle and was on the underside of its web which gave me the opportunity to photograph the detail of its writing. I have to wonder what message these spiders are trying to get across in their intricate weaving practices. Why do they create their webs in such a way?

Black-and-Yellow Argiope #2I’ll continue to visit these spiders living in our fence-row periodically to see any changes in the webs and body size. I may have to carefully measure the larger one just for curiosity’s sake. So beautiful. I hope they hang out for a while.


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