Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

Narceus americanus/annularis complex #1

Hiking at Burgess Falls over this past weekend, David and I saw a countless number of these millipedes (Narceus americanus/annularis complex). I think this was the first one that he spotted. After that, it was like a scavenger hunt, calling out to each other, “Found another one!” Seriously, we lost count of how many we saw out there. They were everywhere! I thought these two photos fit the Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist.

Narceus americanus/annularis complex #2

Bonus: a short video clip. One of these days, I’ll learn to hold a camera still while taking video! At least, I hope.

I love to watch their legs move. They’re like waves. This one was quick, and I kept turning him back around, trying to get a better photo. I thanked the millipede for its patience with me as we parted ways. It was last seen crossing a three-inch gap between rocks, back end on one rock as the front end grabbed the other. Fascinating creatures.


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