Red-tailed Hawk

Red Tailed Hawk

Red-tailed Hawk
Mixed Media – General’s Charcoal White pencil and ballpoint ink pen
Appx. 8″x11″

Source Image by MONGO, located at: Red tailed hawk and snake b 8.9.2008.jpg

I finally completed this one today. I think in all, I spent approximately 7 hours on this one. I really enjoyed drawing this. I still might put in a background, but I thought I would share what I have so far. I’m pretty pleased with it. I’ve loved Red-tailed Hawks for as long I’ve seen them flying in the sky. When my therapist asked me the question, “If you could come back as any animal, what would you choose?” I answered either an Eagle, a Red-tailed Hawk, or a Hummingbird. After that session, I went for a drive out to Rock Island State Park. It was too hot to hike that day, so I just hung out for a little while looking at the waterfall. Coincidentally, I must have seen 3 different Red-tailed Hawks that day! One was sitting on a utility line as I drove back. Since there was no traffic, I slowed way down to get a good look at him. He looked me straight in the eye. That day inspired this drawing, so I have to change my answer to a Red-tailed Hawk. 😉

Grammatical lesson of the day: As I was typing this I couldn’t figure out whether it was “a utility” or “an utility.” I found the best answer on Yahoo! Answers by someone calling himself House M.D.:

The “u” linguistically functions as a glide, which is a consonant sound and would thus be preceded by “a.” Stating that “an” comes before vowels is too simplistic; “an” comes before vowel sounds.

Sounds good to me! And yes, I think about things like this, LOL.


4 thoughts on “Red-tailed Hawk

  1. Hi Patricia!
    I’m up late editing and am glad for this break of reading your email and looking at your artwork. I love your drawing, including the crinkled brown paper you put it on. Great effect and texture.

    Thanks, too, for the grammar lesson! I’m sure you know that “an” comes before the “h” in “an historical novel.” I’m not sure if people do that one anymore. But it used to be proper!
    I think about these things, too!!!

    Here’s a question: Do you use the serial comma? I did for most of my life – almost fanatically…now I rarely do. I gave in to peer pressure! If you or your readers wonder, the serial comma is the comma that might precede the “and” in a string of words. So, for instance, “The day was sunny, bright, and beautiful.” is an example of using the serial comma. Those who don’t use it would write, “The day was sunny, bright and beautiful.” Until about two years ago, I always used it. I feel like a traitor to myself that I stopped!

    PS Here’s a link to a photo I posted in March of a red-tailed hawk. I took the photo from my front steps!

    Thanks for your post! Mary

    1. Hello, Mary!

      The funny thing about the brown paper is that it’s the paper that a lot of companies use for packing material. I’ve held onto this paper for several years, attempting to flatten it back out and recycle it in some creative way. I’ve only recently began doodling on it. This drawing started out as a pretty simple doodle, but I enjoyed working on the paper so much that I continued working on this piece to get what it ended up as.

      I’ve never been able to break the habit of the serial comma. My high school English teacher would probably track me down and break my knuckles if I did. Just kidding, Ms. Gann. 😉 I’ve read sentences where someone failed to use that comma, and it felt like it changed the meaning of the sentence.

      Great photos on your post! Thanks for the comment!

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