Nature’s Reclamation


I’m surprised I’ve never shared any photos from downstream the main falls at Burgess Falls. There’s an old abandoned mill (maybe?). I’m not really sure exactly what it was. According to the park brochure, “By the late 19th century, a gristmill and sawmill were in operation on the river here.” My best guess is that this was part of one of those. It’s a fascinating find. It almost feels haunted as nature reclaims this part of history.


I can’t imagine how these pieces fit together or worked. They’re absolutely HUGE! Beneath the structure, it’s cool and damp. What is it about human nature that makes people want to graffiti places like this? I suppose it’s no different than cave men painting their battles or hand prints on cave walls, marking their territory or to simply say, “Hey, I was here!” At least the graffiti here isn’t as bad as some places I’ve seen. There was just a lot of so and so loves so and so, lol. No doubt, bored teenagers.


I really like the front facing wall. I’ll have to make sure to hike back out there later in the year when everything grows over a little more. I bet it will be beautiful once the vines start growing again and things green up a bit more.


If you’re interested, there’s a few more photos of these “ruins” in my Burgess Falls set on Flickr or you can click on the thumbnails below. Not sure if “ruins” is the appropriate description. I really racked my brain trying to remember the photography/art term for “the act of nature reclaiming man-made structures” and came up blank. It’s right on the tip of my tongue. I know there’s a word for it; but it totally escapes me, now. If anyone else knows the word I’m thinking of, please, feel free to share!



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