Sketching Emotion

Sketching Emotion

Sketching Emotion, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

I began this page spread in my sketchbook last night before bed. I finally took a day for drawing and listening to music today in order to finish it up because lately, I’m finding that if I don’t take the time, there’s no time left in the day for me to practice. This pretty much turned into a collage of faces, expressing various emotions. Anger is a hard one to draw. It turned out looking more like shock or surprise. I drew mostly from photos and artwork that crossed my path online last night and today, and unfortunately, didn’t keep track of who I was drawing from. I may still fill the white space with words or a journal prompt or something like that. Not sure yet, but I want it to be something to keep with the theme of emotion. Feel free to share a critique!


2 thoughts on “Sketching Emotion

  1. I think you captured anger fairly well, though it’s not as angry as angry can be. I like the sneaky one behind the glasses, but it’s the despairing in the corner that I identify with, unfortunately. Well done, i say!

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