Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Driftwood by pixygiggles
Driftwood, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

I was pleased to see the photo topic for this week’s photo challenge is “Reflections” because, not only are reflections one of my favorite subjects to photograph, but also, I had coincidentally just taken this photo of a piece of driftwood in Cane Creek Lake the other day while thinking of that very topic. This isn’t exactly what I had intended on writing for this particular post, however….

When I went over to Flickr to grab this photo, as I’ve done for so many years now, I saw this message: “We are deprecating the support for sharing to WordPress on 3/25.” First, I had to look up the word “deprecate” which means “to express disapproval of” because I was unclear of its meaning. Then, I had to read more about it here. Now, I’m completely confused and have more questions than answers, prompting me to leave this comment in Flickr’s Help Forum:

So what exactly does this mean for all of the photos I’ve already shared to my WordPress blog? Will my photos still be available for viewing there? Or future sharing to my WordPress blog? I’ve been using Flickr and WordPress together for YEARS! Losing the ability to share from Flickr to WordPress would be a great loss. I gave the “new photo page” a try, but detested it and reverted back to the original because of the fact that I could no longer share from Flickr to WordPress. *IF* that is the future of this site, then I will certainly have to rethink my financial support to Flickr.

I know there are several of us here who cross-post from Flickr to WordPress. Does anyone else have any more details about this change? If for some reason on March 25th all of my photos disappear (I really hope this is not the case) from WordPress, I’m not really sure how I would proceed with this blog.

I guess, I will just have to wait and see what happens. Until I know for sure that this is a problem, there’s really no sense in worrying about it. I really hate change, yet change is inevitable. In this particular case, my disapproval of Flickr’s disapproval of WordPress is simply infuriating and leaves me wondering, “What the hell is going on with the internet lately?”


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