Memory Complete

Memory Complete

Memory Complete, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

The completed version of the drawing I was working on the other day. Special thanks to Mary McAvoy over at Sublime Days for sharing the bumble bee idea. I’m actually quite pleased with this one! 😉 Thank you for the suggestion!

I digitally edited the letters on the banner just to make it look cleaner and also the quote at the top of the photo to make it stand out more. This journal I’m working in has these wonderful quotes printed on the pages that I feel deserve to be a part of the piece. It’s also nice because one page is lined and the other is not which I find very useful for illustration purposes.

Portfolio piece? Yes? No?


2 thoughts on “Memory Complete

  1. “Oh, awesome!” I just exclaimed out loud when seeing your completed drawing! Yay for the bumble bee! You did a fantastic job with it! I love its little leg holding the Bee Happy sign! (I can see how “Pixy” became a name for you!)

    Love it, Patricia!!!

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