Memory by pixygiggles
Memory, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

This is a page from my newest journal that I finished up tonight. It still needs something in the upper left-hand corner, but I was drawing a blank (literally, lol).


4 thoughts on “Memory

  1. I am amazed that people can draw as you do. It’s beautiful!
    As for that top left corner, a bumble bee comes to my mind…or a humming bird – either, hovering, not yet connected to the rest. But I’m no artist!

    1. Thank you, Mary! A bumble bee sounds lovely. 🙂 The space left may be too small for a hummingbird, though, I have seen hummingbirds as small as a butterfly! I had two this past summer that were the tiniest, most dainty, little things.

      But I would disagree and say that you *ARE* an artist. Anyone who can capture nature’s beauty through the lens of camera, as you do, deserves the title of artist as much as anyone. 😀

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