Gorgeous Sky Tonight

Gorgeous Sky Tonight by pixygiggles
Gorgeous Sky Tonight, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

David and I awoke to a storm and a loud thud on the roof this afternoon. Don’t judge. He works second-shift, so our sleeping schedule is off from the “norm.” I finally got around to seeing what fell on the roof (just a small stick) around the time the sun was setting.

When I ran back inside to grab the camera for a few photos of the setting sun, Moses darted outside; so I allowed him a few minutes of fresh air and grass grazing. This also gave me a few moments of bliss watching the clouds quickly change colors in a fiery display.

It was so chilly out there that Moses ran back to the door on his own, much to my relief. He’s normally all claws and growls when I have to carry him back inside.


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