Watching Leaves

Watching Leaves by pixygiggles
Watching Leaves, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

It has been so windy today with the storms that are moving through. I was surprised to see how quickly the road in front of our house and our yard were completely covered in leaves. Yesterday, there were only a few down, nothing really, compared to today. When I first glanced outside, it looked as if Mother Nature decided to dump them all at once. Even the pine trees outside the computer room have suddenly turned brown with pine needles falling everywhere.

The humidity inside the house was stifling; so I opened the door for a little while, much to our cats’ delight. Each one took a turn at the door, sniffing the air and trying to pounce through the glass at the falling leaves as they drifted around the porch.

Tonight, I find myself with my small flashlight attached to a belt loop on my pants because the lights have flickered so much. Perfect weather for Halloween! ;P


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