Happy Hallowchristmathanksmas!

The idea for this sketch has floated around in my brain for a couple of years. I finally sat down and sketched it out last night, finishing it up today. I have to give David credit for coming up with “Happy Hallowchristmathanksmas!” That was his response to the following post I made on Facebook a couple of nights ago:

As I was checking out at [a local grocery store], I asked the cashier, “You guys do realize that it’s not even November yet, right?” Heck, it’s not even Halloween, yet; and I must have heard at least 5 or 6 Christmas songs in there while shopping. THIS is the reason why I have come to detest the holiday season and no longer want to participate. Yep, I’m playing the part of the Grinch this year because I’m sick of having Christmas shoved down my throat every year. Looks like I’ll be shopping with headphones from now until the end of the year!

It’s not that I hate Christmas or Christmas music. I actually like most Christmas music – at the right time of the year, after Thanksgiving. Earlier and earlier each year, the commercialized holiday season bombards everyone with nonstop messages of “buy this” or “shop here,” creating an atmosphere of frenzied shoppers that for emotionally sensitive people like me (and maybe, others, as well) is, quite frankly, unbearable!

I detest what Christmas has become.

It’s not the same holiday that I celebrated with my family as a child. I no longer wake up on Christmas morning with that same excitement and special enjoyment that I once felt. Maybe, that’s just part of growing up because I haven’t really felt that since childhood; but even more, now, I’m relieved when the holiday season is finally over. And that’s just it; instead of being a “holiday,” it’s a “holiday season,” one that seems to grow longer and longer with each passing year.

We didn’t get pumpkins this year to carve for Halloween. We didn’t even buy candy to give out, not that we get many trick-or-treaters. My guess is that the next two months will pass in a blur like previous years. Until then, I just want to hibernate, haha!


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