After Dark Movies in the Park

I went to the After Dark Movie at Dogwood Park tonight. They’ve had three movie nights at the Dogwood Performance Pavilion over the past few weeks, usually on Saturday night. This one was postponed until tonight because of last weekend’s rain. David and I attended the last two together, Life of Pi and Epic. He had to work tonight, though; so I went alone. Usually, I really, really enjoy these types of events; but tonight, I left shortly after the movie began, not even 15 minutes into the film. And I’m not really sure why I left.

The Avengers was playing, an action film/Marvel Comic, not quite the genre of film that I particularly enjoy. Maybe, that’s why I left. I’m not sure if it’s that action films bore me to tears or if they are too over-stimulating; but they rarely hold my interest or attention for very long. Maybe, it was that I just couldn’t get into the film tonight or maybe it was all the distractions. And there were so many distractions – children talking and twirling around those little glow sticks of all different colors; adults talking and the general noise of people carrying on conversations during the film; the streetlights in the park were too bright, making it difficult to see the film (something I hadn’t noticed before tonight); the lady in front of me with her brightly lit cell phone that kept lighting up every few minutes; people moving around – up and down, walking in front of me – just too many distractions!

So I simply left. Now I’m left analyzing my actions wondering “why?”


4 thoughts on “After Dark Movies in the Park

  1. I totally understand why you left. It sounds as though it was totally a bust unless you were there just for the purpose of enjoying some noise and people watching. BTW i love your blog especially the photography.

    1. The first movie, Life of Pi, was pretty awesome. I loved that movie! Great storyline that completely captivated my attention so that I really didn’t notice anything or anyone else around me. That second movie, Epic, I honestly couldn’t even tell you what that movie was about; and I sat all the way through that entire film, LOL. This set-up they are using in the park is absolutely wonderful for the community. I just wish I wasn’t so easily distracted, so that I could always enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by and the comment, Connie!

  2. Seems pretty reasonable to me to leave if your purpose was to actually, you know, watch the movie. I feel the same way about concerts in parks — everyone’s eating and talking — which is fine if that’s your expectation and okay with that.

    1. I hope I didn’t come across as complaining here because that wasn’t my intent. I’m so happy that our community is providing this type of entertainment. Sometimes, I frustrate myself by how little I can concentrate on something, which was the case that night. Usually, I try to sit closer to the front; so I don’t get distracted as easily. That tactic always worked well for me in school, too. I look forward to trying again next summer!

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