Celebrating the Autumn Equinox

Cummins Falls

I decided to take a quick walk today at Cummins Falls to celebrate the Autumn Equinox. This past week has finally began feeling like autumn. Today was absolutely beautiful weather for a hike. After stopping by the overlook, I decided to head upstream to the top of the falls rather than make the long trek to the bottom.

A Well Camouflaged Toad

This little guy was lucky I didn’t step on him (or her, not sure which). As I walked down the path to the water, I noticed several of these small toads hopping about.

American Rubyspot #3

These male American Rubyspot damselflies were all over the place. This one was patient and fearless, allowing me several photos.

Animal Bone? #3

I spotted this bit of bone under a rock. It was bigger than my fist! Maybe, a vertebrae? I’m not very good at anatomy, lol.

Upstream & Precarious

It’s so peaceful out there. I could spend an entire day just listening to that waterfall and exploring the area.

Close to the Edge

I’m still battling my fear of heights, but I managed to get close enough to the edge to get these two photos.

Above the Falls

Tranquility Sits by a Log & Tiny Flower

It was a gorgeous day, and I’m thankful for the respite. Thanks for stopping by!


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