Common Whitetail Dragonfly (Plathemis lydia)

I stepped outside for some fresh air earlier this evening, and to my surprise this dragonfly was resting on the catnip plant. This is a male Common Whitetail  Dragonfly (Plathemis lydia). I’m not sure if the poor thing was frozen in fear by my presence or if he is close to the end of his life. He was breathing awfully hard. I’ve never seen one so docile and calm before. Maybe, catnip has that effect on them?

“Dragonflies have excellent eyesight. Their compound eyes have up to 30,000 facets, each of which is a separate light-sensing organ or ommatidium, arranged to give nearly a 360° field of vision.” [Source: Common Whitetail Dragonfly – Plathemis lydia]

“Males and females have different wing patterns.” [Source: – Species Plathemis lydia – Common Whitetail]

For whatever reason this dragonfly patiently allowed me to photograph him, I was very happy to have the opportunity to get a few decent photos and this short video clip.


2 thoughts on “Common Whitetail Dragonfly (Plathemis lydia)

  1. Patricia, how wonderful you could have such a close look to this wonderful dragonfly. We call it a ‘Platbuik’ in the Netherlands, and in England a Broad Chaser Dragonfly. I was as much charmed by it as you, when I saw it and made a drawing of it. If you click on my ‘gravatar’, it will bring you to my blog with a picture of my drawing.
    Best wishes to you,

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