Mozart and Sketching

While I don’t necessarily feel that this sketch looks like Mozart, I sketched it while listening to Mozart. A few days ago, I ran across the complete version of Mozart’s Requiem in D minor, K. 626 on YouTube (linked or below). The video featured a slide show of various artworks of Mozart. My sketch began at around 2:38 on the video; so it’s a copy of another person’s sketch by whom, alas, I don’t know the name to give credit.

I have since listened to this piece of music 6 or 7 times, twice just today. This is fairly common for me when I find something I like. It is a powerfully emotional piece, at least to me. The angelic operatic voices give me chills and move me to tears in parts. The full rich sound of the orchestra is impressive and robust at times, gentle and delicate at others. I find myself wishing I knew what they were singing about. A Requiem is a Mass for the dead, obviously; but I wonder about the meaning of the words. In my imagination I picture a struggle between something beautiful, not necessarily happy but beautiful, and a deep sorrow. It’s interesting to me that the music progresses much like the 5 stages of the grieving process.

What music do you listen to that elicits an emotional response?

On a side note, as I was finishing up this post, the power blinked out, just long enough to shut down my computer. Thank you WordPress for automatically saving drafts! 😉


3 thoughts on “Mozart and Sketching

  1. I haven’t listened to any of Mozart’s choral music in a while, but then I tend to the symphonic of late in general. His music, instrumental or not, has such deceptive simplicity to it. Much music elicits strong emotion from me, but it always depends on my mood when hearing it.

    A song called Alfonsina y El Mar, as sung by Mercedes Sosa, has brought to me to tears too many times in the past few months, though, because of the circumstances surrounding my first hearing of it. Hauntingly beautiful.

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