Supermoon 2013

Supermoon 2013 - photo 1 by pixygiggles
Supermoon 2013 – photo 1, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

So technically, the Supermoon – Full Moon peaked at 6:33 AM, June 23, 2013. These photos were taken at around 12:30 AM, June 24, 2013. A little late, but the moon is absolutely gorgeous tonight! I took a few last night, too; but there really wasn’t anything special about that set. My photos never do the moon justice. They always turn out looking light the sun in a darkened sky. Maybe, one day I’ll have the proper equipment to get the best detail of the moon’s surface, like some of the photos included in the Huffington Post article, ‘Supermoon’ 2013 Photos And Tweets (VIDEO, UPDATES). Until then, I’ll share my best attempts at night photography that my little point and shoot can capture.

I liked the above photo because it looks as if the tree branches are cradling the moon. The one below actually turned out better than I had hoped because of the accidental framing of the badminton net in the lower left-hand corner. The silhouette of the net interested me as much as the framing of the moon.

Sitting outside taking these photos, I noticed something. The birds around here really don’t sleep. I’m pretty sure it was the mocking birds nesting in the bush across the street that were happily singing me a song in every call they’ve ever learned, including the “mew, mew” that sounds like a cat calling. Then again, that could have been the warning call for “the cat is out and about” because shortly after I heard that call my neighbor’s cat came up on the porch to say hello. Sounds good anyway, right? ;P


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