Spring, Where Are You?

Light and Shadow

The beginning of this year was much different from last year. Though I would still consider it to have been a mild winter here in Tennessee, last year’s winter was almost non-existent. Spring came very early last year. Not so much this year. In fact, earlier today – on this first day of spring – huge, fluffy snowflakes fell from the sky in a brief downpour. The last three or four weeks brought more snow showers and cold temperatures than most of the earlier weeks of winter. The tree blossoms and spring flowers suffered for it, too. The above photo was taken on March 3, 2013. This small, lone tree was the only tree blooming that day at Cane Creek park (at least, that I saw). In the last couple of weeks, the trees have slowly begun to unfold their delicate spring offerings, revealing a less vibrant display.

Yesterday, as I drove into Cane Creek park for my walk, the tree below caught my eye. After I parked my car, I walked back to take a few photos. Yesterday was more about exercise and fresh air and less about photography, but I never go to Cane Creek without my camera. Thanks to a couple of friends on Facebook, I now know that this is Saucer Magnolia, Magnolia × soulangeana.

Beautiful blossoms, but I was surprised that they had no scent! Yes, I always take the time to smell the flowers. I wonder if the lack of scent has something to do with it being a hybrid or if it’s more to do with the colder weather? My curiosity will probably lead me to research why flowers have a scent to begin with – something I never really thought about until this moment.

Traditional magnolias have a heavenly scent. One that reminds me of the plumeria blossoms of the tropics. Hmm, now I’ve spent the last 15 minutes thinking of Hawaii, writing nothing, and wondering now, where I was going with that train of thought? LOL, look a bunny!

Anyway… even though the weather forecast is calling for more snow for the next few days – a slight chance – maybe, just maybe, spring will take hold and warmer weather will be on its way.


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