Swingin’ Revisited

I was in a creative mood tonight, so I put together this image in Corel Photo-Paint X4. It’s from a series of photos David took of me a couple of weekends ago at the park. I have always enjoyed swinging! It was my favorite past-time as a child; and anytime I get the chance, I’ll happily revisit a favorite childhood memory.

The above photo inspired me to create a GIF using the same images. I figured since I already had the layers created, why not? I chose the black and white version because the colors weren’t rendering as well as I would have liked. Black and white can be a refreshing change sometimes anyway.

The entire time I was working on these, I had that song Swingin’ by John Anderson stuck in my head. This made me laugh because that song reminds me of a visit to an aunt and uncles’ house in Alabama. My cousins, my sister, and myself sat in my cousin’s bedroom singing that song at the top of our lungs until our parents finally came sneaking down the hallway to see what we were doing. All I remember after that was a whole lot of laughing and everybody joining in to sing the song!

Granted, as kids, we didn’t really “get” the lyrics. Listening to it, now, makes me laugh even harder because I realize that the song was actually about a guy and a girl making out on the front porch swing. As I write this, David is at his desk laughing at my naïvety! It really is funny how our perception changes throughout our lives.

Always keep the happy memories alive! They are the ones that feed the soul! 😉


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