Day 366 Project Complete

Day 366 Project Complete by pixygiggles
Day 366 Project Complete, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

The final day of the year – Day 366…. I feel lost. What do I do now? I do plan to continue blogging after this. But where do I go from here? I have concentrated on this project every day, without fail, even when I didn’t want to. I put all of my energy, creativity, and research into it. I was determined to prove something to myself. And I did. I set a goal. I stuck with it. And I accomplished my goal.

My original intent was to learn everything there is to know about my new (then, 2011’s Christmas gift) digital point and shoot camera, a Canon PowerShot A2200. I love this little camera. It has been my constant companion all year long. I am very pleased with the quality of the photos it captured. Sure, some days the photos didn’t turn out all that great; but I blame that more on my mood and operator error than the camera itself.

I am now confident in my knowledge of what my camera is capable of and what it is not. When I looked at this camera for my son last Christmas, the salesperson advised me that this camera performed poorly in low light settings. It was my experience that with a little patience, my night photography turned out to be some of my favorite photos.

More so than just learning about my camera, though, this 366 day photography challenge taught me a great deal more!

  • First and foremost, I’ve learned that I can accomplish something that I set my mind to. I am a very determined person. Even when my frustration level was telling me to quit, I managed to make myself keep going to complete this project. I am very proud of myself for never giving up. As I stated before, I proved to myself that I can set a goal and follow through with it, accomplishing what I set out to do.
  • I learned much more about how to compose my photographs, work with lighting, and the best tweaks to enhance my photos in Corel Photo-Paint X4. I am satisfied with the knowledge I gained about photography and hope to make this a lifelong learning process.
  • This experience has taught me to pay attention to detail in so many ways, not only the details of composition and photography skill, but also the details of my life and the world around me. Never have I noticed such beauty on our planet as when I am at peace in the natural world.
  • Creativity cannot be forced. If I wasn’t feeling particularly creative one day, I decided it was okay to try something different or simply document something from my day. Capturing the little things, the every day simple pleasures and even the mundane, these are the snapshots of my life that will reinforce my memories of this past year for years to come.
  • This taught me a lot about myself. I didn’t realize just how much I obsess over certain things in my life until I watched the entire completed slideshow of my project. I realized that my creativity takes many forms throughout the year – photography, drawing, sketching, other forms of art, videos, music, playing the piano – so many outlets and so little time. I kept myself busier this past year as a result and was more content than I have been in years.

This was certainly a worthwhile adventure. I recommend this project to anyone who has a serious interest in photography, whether you are an amateur or professional. The benefits are well worth the time and effort. While a DSLR camera would have given me a lot more control over what I actually wanted to accomplish, a simple point and shoot camera does not mean that you cannot take great photos and learn a lot along the way!

With the new year comes a fresh start. Last year’s resolution was my first, and I’m happy to say I completed it. This year, I think I’ll skip the New Year’s resolution and concentrate on more short-term goals. Now, to figure out what those goals are….

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope it’s a great one for all of us!


10 thoughts on “Day 366 Project Complete

  1. You look fantastic! During the year, you had a picture of you with your son, and I wanted to say that you looked like brother and sister but I chickened out, worrying that it sounded hackney or clichéd, but it was true! Anyway, Happy New Year! Onwards and upwards!

    1. Mikey, I appreciate the nomination; but at this point, I’m not even sure I will continue blogging here on WordPress. I’ve been having issues with the reader for a couple of months now with no answers in sight. It kind of takes the fun out of blogging when I can’t even see what everyone else I’ve interacted with for over the last year is posting. Thank you, though. I appreciate the thought.

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