Day 348 Off-Kilter

Day 348 Off-Kilter by pixygiggles
Day 348 Off-Kilter, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

A peaceful, quiet walk around the lake today to try and shake this feeling of being a little off-kilter lately.

On a side note, is anyone else having problems viewing your WordPress reader? Mine has been acting all kinds of weird lately to the point of not being able to see anyone’s latest posts. I can’t even get to the list of all the blogs I follow in order to view them in that way. Whenever I click on the “reader” tab, it hangs up while loading as the little wheel-thing spins. It’s been acting buggy for a little over a week, now. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems or if it’s just me.


2 thoughts on “Day 348 Off-Kilter

  1. I had been having problems with my site too. I try not to be stress out with it and reading posts like yours and looking at the beautiful pictures calms me down. I’m thinking of getting a hosting service but still not sure. It suppose to protect our blog site or something. Great post.

    1. The problems seemed to coincide with when they turned on the holiday snow. I ended up un-checking the box to turn it off a few days later hoping that would fix the problems. I was also finding the snow a little distracting this year. But the problems persist and I still can’t view my reader. Maybe, it’s WordPress’ way of telling me I follow too many blogs, lol. Thanks for the comment!

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