Day 344 Origami Cranes

Day 344 Origami Cranes by pixygiggles
Day 344 Origami Cranes, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

These are my first successful attempts at making origami cranes. I tried following a pattern long ago, but lost patience with it, ending up with ball of wadded up paper. Having several small scrap pieces of Christmas paper left over from last year, I thought I would put them to use by giving origami another try. I also found some patterns for flowers that might make a nice substitution for traditional bows on Christmas presents. I’m glad I didn’t let my frustration get the better of me because this actually turned out to be a fun little exercise in creativity.

Now, if only I could keep Sasha from stealing them. I found the smaller one in the floor earlier with little teeth marks in it!

Origami Patterns:

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