Day 330 Escheresque Self-Portrait

Every year, I try my best to get good photos of the Christmas tree; and every year, I end up a little disappointed with the results. I’m not sure if I just haven’t figured out the proper combination of camera settings or if I’m not using the correct lighting. This morning I tried something that I haven’t done in previous years. I used the morning sunlight to see if that would help. I still ended up with a red glow in all the photos. I’m guessing that it might have a lot more to do with the burgundy curtains in the living room casting a red glow in the room. Our living room tends to be one of the darkest rooms in the house, so even the small amount of sunlight coming in this morning made very little difference in the warm glow that I get even in the evening hours.

Since I’m restricted by the limited settings of my digital point and shoot (no way to manually change the aperture), I may end up trying a roll of film this year in my 35mm. Before I do that, though, I’ll have to refresh my memory in using the manual settings. Even after taking photography classes in college, aperture and shutter speed confused me to tears. I’m not sure if it’s a dyslexic issue or one of those “it hasn’t clicked in my mind yet” issues; but it’s one of those challenges that makes me even more determined to figure it out!

If anyone has some good pointers for taking photos of Christmas lights and trees, please, do share. Also, feel free to share links to online resources that you have found particularly useful. Many thanks!


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