Day 329 Numb Fingers

Day 329 Numb Fingers by pixygiggles
Day 329 Numb Fingers, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

Ya know, it’s a wonder my computer’s mouse works at all with as much cat hair as these guys leave behind on my desk. I’ve already had to replace it once. It’s an ongoing battle of dominance for the coveted bedding spot beside my desk. Dasha has taken to climbing up on my desk to bathe Moses until he either relents his position or challenges her to a staring contest. She rarely wins those. Thankfully, Moses chased her off today before I completely lost all feeling in my fingers! Haha! I almost didn’t upload this one as my daily because of the blur, but I decided that the blur added a bit of action to the photo. It’s also a perfect example of a daily occurrence that I find to be one of the most enduring aspects of the friendship that our cats have developed with one another.


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