Day 309 Sand Springs Memorial Gardens

David and I took a Sunday drive with a particular destination in mind to fulfill a couple of photo requests from the Find A Grave website. For genealogical research, this website is incredibly helpful and provides a database of 89 million searchable grave records. I was particularly excited to find the graves of family members from the late 1600’s in Connecticut. These were confirmation enough that my Grandmother’s family tree was indeed accurate.

The method that Find A Grave uses to build its database includes contributions from its users, including photographs of tombstones. Since I was lucky enough to find several of these already documented for my own family, I thought it would be nice to occasionally do the same for others or, at least, attempt to do so.

This is what led us to Sand Springs Memorial Gardens today. It was kind of like a morbid scavenger hunt. I hope that doesn’t sound disrespectful. That is certainly not my intent. It just felt strange roaming through a cemetery searching for names on a tombstone. Unfortunately, we only found one out of two graves we were searching for. It’s possible that the older grave’s tombstone could be too eroded to read, but I’m hoping that we just missed it. Maybe, someone else will have better luck in finding the one we missed.


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