Day 305 Happy Halloween

Day 305 Happy Halloween by pixygiggles
Day 305 Happy Halloween, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

David and I didn’t get our pumpkins carved for Halloween. I’m not too upset about it because, honestly, I really hate carving jack-o’-lanterns, really bad hate it. David hollowed out our pumpkins before he left for work today. I started carving mine; but I just couldn’t get into it, not to mention, mine was a little rotten and very soft. It was turning into a mess, so I happily gave up on it. I love the trips to the pumpkin patch. I think from now on, though, I’ll forgo the pumpkin for carving. It seems like a waste to me anyway, especially when you can use them for so many yummy recipes.

I do have a spooky story to share. Something really weird happened today when I ran to Wal-Mart. At the point where the 4 lane highway merges into 2 lanes on the way to the Algood Wal-Mart, this old Toyota pickup truck was right next to me. The merging lane is set up wrong. Instead of the right lane merging with the left as it should, the left lane merges with the right. I probably should have slowed way down because he had the right of way, but I didn’t because there was so much traffic directly behind me. I only slightly slowed down, figuring that he would speed up. He didn’t. Instead he slowed way down to match my speed which forced us neck and neck at the merge spot where I had to make the split second decision to speed up to get in front of him. There was no danger in either of us colliding, but I must have ticked him off something fierce. Not only did he follow me into the parking lot, making sure to park directly where I could see him; but he followed me inside. I didn’t really think much else about it while I was shopping until I came back out to the car and found his truck parked right next to my car! He wasn’t in his truck, but returned while I was putting my bags in the trunk. I let him leave first hoping that would be the end of that. Leaving the Wal-Mart parking lot, I noticed that he was parked at the gas station, just sitting in his truck. He pulled out a couple of cars behind me. I finally lost him when I turned onto Fisk Road, but I kept looking back in my rear view mirror the whole way home. Maybe, I was just being paranoid; but that was an awful lot of coincidences and way too creepy for my tastes!


3 thoughts on “Day 305 Happy Halloween

  1. Holy cow, Patricia. That’s past creepy, and I think beyond downright scary. I don’t think you be too careful if you find yourself being followed/stalked like that again. Glad you lost him before you got to your house!

      1. Still! I’ve angered enough drivers in my time (because I don’t drive fast enough) to have been genuinely scared by their reactions. Leading him to the police station is a great move!

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