Something Wicked This Way Comes

Sitting at my computer last night, this spider casually strolled up the wall next to me. That isn’t the first time this has happened here. Last fall, one of these startled the bejesus out of David when it climbed up the wall behind his computer monitor. I wasted no time in capturing this one because I’m worried they might be wolf spiders. As I understand it, they have very painful bites; and our cats are quite the curious hunters. The eye placement is closer to that of a wolf spider than that of a grass spider. After snapping a few photos and a short video, I released it about 30 feet from our house hoping it will not return.

Click on any of the images to be redirected to Flickr where you can view the full size images. I uploaded these full-size to help in the identification process.

This crazy spider showed a bit of aggression upon release as it chased me back inside, but not before I warned it of the impending doom that awaited should it return inside my home! It’s an empty threat. I almost always capture and release. The cats, on the other hand, are not so forgiving.

The above photo is simply to show its size in relation to a ruler. It was pretty big! I must be getting used to these spiders because I didn’t even squeal when I saw this one. Creepy as the photos and video might be to some, October is the best month for sharing all things creepy.

On a side note, the title of this post, of course, is inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth. I have watched the play a total of 3 times in the past week and intend to read it for myself in its entirety again. David and I had a wonderful date night on Saturday night, complete with dinner and the final showing of the play at Dogwood Park. While searching for the text of the play online, I happened across director Rupert Goold’s production of Macbeth for the TV series “Great Performances” on PBS online. Starring Sir Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: Next Generation) and Kate Fleetwood, this modern adaptation of the play was positively chilling, a definite must-see for any Shakespeare enthusiasts. However, I’m not sure how long it will be available online for free.


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