Day 272 Starlite

Day 272 Starlite by pixygiggles
Day 272 Starlite, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

Several years ago, I ran across this old slide projector while cleaning out my mom’s basement. Amazingly, this thing still works. Unfortunately, the front lens appears to be fogged over; and it does get very, very hot. Of course, it always got hot. It just worries me more, now, because of the old, brittle wiring. It’s a real shame about the lens because I would have loved to view my dad’s old army slides again. They’re not in the best shape either, though. I really need to find some place that will restore and digitize them. Too bad I didn’t have the slides while I was in college. We had all the equipment there I would have needed to make digital photos.


4 thoughts on “Day 272 Starlite

  1. And with that, I’m immediately transported to my childhood, on a typical Sunday afternoon, looking at my Dad’s slides on a similar projector. Man, those were good times. Thanks for the time-travel and memory-jog, Patricia.

  2. I have the same slide projector. The light is burned out on mine. I went to Best Buy and got a ION Film 2 SD 35mm film and slide scanner. It’s great you can put all of your slides and negatives on your computer. Its easy to use and I was able to repair a lot of the old slides on my computer. It wasn’t very expensive and worth a milloin in memories. Grace

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