Day 259 Fascinating Moth at Lowe’s

Via Flickr:
As David and I were entering Lowe’s tonight, I noticed this moth flying around a display of Petunias. At first, I thought it was a little, tiny hummingbird from it’s appearance of fluttering wings and what looked like a long beak; but on closer inspection, I realized it was a moth. I was so fascinated that I must have stood out there for 5 to 10 minutes watching it quickly fly from flower to flower. I was so impressed by this little moth that I decided to purchase one of these plants. They smell heavenly! If anyone happens to know what type of moth it is, please, tell me because I would love to know.


5 thoughts on “Day 259 Fascinating Moth at Lowe’s

  1. I believe what you have there, oddly enough, is a hummingbird moth – although I don’t know which variety. I tried and tried to get a decent photo of one of these all summer but failed miserably, so well done with those shots!

    1. That was my guess, hummingbird moth. There’s so many different species! Wikipedia has a list of 1,288 species just in the Family Sphingidae of moths. I wonder how entomologists keep them all straight, lol. My hope is that I might attract some of these to my home with the Petunia I bought. The hummingbirds may also like it.
      I had to use the flash on my camera to get these shots because it was moving so fast. That’s something I rarely do as I haven’t taken the time to practice flash photography. I hope I didn’t blind the poor thing.

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