Day 258 Geese Silhouetted in Golden Sunset

Inspired by the evening I spent watching the sunset at Illinois Beach State Park a couple of weeks ago, I decided to take a later walk at Cane Creek Park this evening. I am so glad I did. I got some amazing shots. I was so captivated by the setting sun that I completely forgot about being self-conscious of the curious stares that I often get when I’m out in public photographing nature. I often wonder how photographers get over that feeling of being “exposed” or if I’m the only person who has felt this.

This reminds me of another day I was at Cane Creek Park photographing some wild raspberries just off the path. As a jogger ran past, he made the comment, “You’re supposed to eat them, not photograph them.” This rather obvious statement made me laugh, but it also ended up preventing me from getting a decent photo of the intended subject. Looking back, now, I realize that it wasn’t his statement that caused me to be self-conscious. Rather, it was my own thoughts and self-doubt that crept in, as is usually the case. Confidence is key in any creative endeavor!


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