Photos from My Trip to Chicago

Choosing my top 10 favorite photos from my trip to Chicago was no easy task. As I stated in yesterday’s post, 390 photos is a nightmare to sort through, let alone try to edit. I left out all the photos from my son’s graduation from boot camp, other than the one photo I shared for Day 244: The Adventurer’s Path. Those are very special to me and personal. I hope you guys understand. But believe me, there were still plenty of others to sort through. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the quality of the photos I took in my travels. The skies were overcast and gloomy which caused a lot of the photos to appear darker than I would have liked. Apparently, I still have a lot to learn about proper exposure. I edited for brightness and contrast, but not much else. All of the photos I chose to share here are from my walk from Navy Pier to Millennium Park.

Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

This Ferris wheel was HUGE! It stands at 150 feet tall. I really wanted to ride it, but it wasn’t open yet. I walked around the pier for over an hour before deciding to walk to Millennium Park. By the time I got back from my walk, the line was too long and I was simply out of time.

Navy Pier Pavillion

This was an interesting structure, inside and out. It reminded me of a giant solarium. I would really hate to be the one who has to clean all that glass!

Mesmerizing Cloudscape

I couldn’t stop taking pictures of this cloud over the top of this building. I have so many photos of it, even a short video I recorded for David. Completely mesmerizing!

Monochrome II Chicago by Nancy Rubins

Chicago has some of the most amazing sculptures. I would label it as one of the most artistically diverse cities in America.

Lakefront Trail

I continued my walk from Navy Pier down Lakefront Trail to get to Millennium Park. That wasn’t exactly the way that the nice lady at the information desk told me to go, but it still got me there. She pointed out that Millennium Park was only 6 or 7 blocks from Navy Pier. She was so helpful and even gave me directions to the airport later when I went back.

Skyline at Jay Pritzker Pavillion

I was surprised when I realized that I had already made it to the road where Millennium Park was located. What I didn’t realize was that there was a jazz festival going on that day and a lot of the park was enclosed in a temporary chain link fence. Stopping a couple of times for directions to the Cloud Gate and a bottle of water, I was excited and full of curiosity for all that this park had to offer.


I had to see the Cloud Gate for myself. As I mentioned on Day 245: The Cloud Gate, I have wanted to see Anish Kapoor’s sculpture ever since I first Stumbled Upon an image of it. This was great! I was amused to find a bride and her bridal party at the Cloud Gate among all the other tourists and park goers. They looked so beautiful. To the groom and bride, congratulations!

Old & New

The juxtaposition of old buildings aside the new adds to the allure of the city of Chicago. And the buildings were so tall! I can’t walk and look up at the same time without stumbling, so I kept pausing to take in the sites and play tourist.

Chicago River

The view from the bridge across the Chicago River was remarkable. At this point, though, I was starting to get tired and hungry; so I made my way back to Navy Pier to get some food. I ended up getting a Gyro on the pier and couldn’t resist indulging myself with a piece of Baklava. My word, if you have never tried Baklava, go now, find some and eat it! That is a heavenly dessert.

Juliet of Verona

I sat down for a little while here to rest after I had lunch. When I got up to leave, there were 3 older gentlemen photographing themselves with this statue, groping the… ahem… statue’s breasts. I blushed. They blushed. We all laughed at their juvenile gesture and parted ways. Thanks, you guys. You have proven to me that no matter your age, you can still act like kids and have fun!

I rarely get the opportunity to travel. This trip will be one I remember for the rest of my life. Chicago is an amazing city, one that I would visit again. These are my 10 favorite photos, but feel free to visit me on Flickr to view a few more: Chicago Trip. As always, thanks for visiting my blog and make today an amazing day!


3 thoughts on “Photos from My Trip to Chicago

    1. Thank you, Sid! I do really like the broodiness of the sky that day. I’m just glad the rain held out for most of my walk. I did get a few sprinkles on the way back, but that actually felt pretty good!

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