Day 243 Lake Michigan Love

Day 243 Lake Michigan Love by pixygiggles
Day 243 Lake Michigan Love, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I have always had an affinity for Lake Michigan. Childhood trips to Michigan to visit my grandmother also meant a day trip to Warren Dunes State Park to swim in Lake Michigan. This trip to the Chicago area was the first time I’ve seen the lake from the other side. The receptionist at my hotel suggested Illinois Beach State Park when I asked about a place close by to go for a walk by the lake. I’m so glad I took her advice because it was so beautiful that I ended up staying until the park closed at 8pm, watching the moon rise. I waded into the water only for brief spurts because that water was ice-cold!

Bear with me as I try to catch up on my daily posts. I took so many photos while in Great Lakes and Chicago that I’m not really sure what all to post here on WordPress. It was a wonderful trip; and I am so, so thankful that I was able to be there for my son’s graduation.


2 thoughts on “Day 243 Lake Michigan Love

  1. It seems that you probably had good weather for visiting Lake Michigan – something we didn’t do all summer, darn it, even though it’s but two hours away. Although – I’m surprised the water was so cold, considering the very warm summer we’ve had.

    1. The weather was great Thursday and Friday. On Saturday it was overcast and gray; but for the most part, the rain held off until later that evening. I was surprised by the coldness of the water, too. I wasn’t expecting that. I would walk briefly in the water until my feet got too cold, and then walk in the warm sand to warm them up again.

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