Day 241 Alien Abduction

Day 241 Alien Abduction by pixygiggles
Day 241 Alien Abduction, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I found this little glass bottle in the yard over the weekend. I’m not really sure what it is, maybe a perfume bottle. It was filthy when I found it, full of dirt and grime. I thought it had an interesting shape and reflective surface, so I gave it a good cleaning. I took a few minutes tonight to photograph it using different light sources. This photo cracked me up so much when I glanced through the shots that I had to share it as my daily photo. I think I photographed an alien! Haha!

I think I’ll go amuse myself in the weird part of YouTube, now. That’s always fun, lol. ;P


One thought on “Day 241 Alien Abduction

  1. Sometimes it’s not trying to find something to photograph, it’s about how you’re going to photograph it when you’ve found it. I think this look great.
    The longer nights are approaching for us, so I suspect I will be spending some time doing the flashlight/glass/water thing – I’m hoping to have a bit more spare time. Son is will be off to his second and uni and daughter will be off to freshers at uni…. peace….. perhaps.

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