Day 238 The Yellowjacket Pub

The apple tree produced larger apples this year that ripened to a nice red compared to last year’s much smaller ones. The squirrels get into the tree and knock them out until they find that perfect one, taking a bite out of each one they toss to the ground. I laughed the other day watching a squirrel carry an apple bigger than its head through the branches of the tree. The blue jays and other birds aren’t so picky. They peck at them right on the limb.

The apples that have fallen to the ground are rotting and attracting these yellowjackets. The sweet odor these rotting apples give off make me believe they must be fermenting. The behavior of these yellowjackets reminded me of drunk patrons at a pub. Yellowjackets are aggressive at the best of times, but these guys were pretty docile. I was within an inch of them with them flying all around my hands. They were far more focused on that sweet nectar than they were me!


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