Day 235 Asian Tiger Mosquito

It was certainly this mosquito’s lucky day because I swatted at it 3 different times while I was sitting outside and missed all 3 times. Finally, I gave up and photographed it when it returned the fourth time.

I have to admire the determination of a mosquito if nothing else. When thinking of their small size, I wonder how many humans would take on a creature 200 times their own size? That would be about the equivalent of a 78 story tall skyscraper!

In exchange for the photo, I shared the drop of blood it was so determined to have and cleaned the area with rubbing alcohol afterwards. The things I do for a daily photo….


4 thoughts on “Day 235 Asian Tiger Mosquito

  1. I am currently suffering from having a right hand that is badly swollen (so much so as to make my daughter corpse in a fit of giggles, kind girl she is) from a bite from one of your new found friend’s relations. Personally, I would never voluntarily share any of my blood with one of the little blighters. – nice pic though!

    1. Oh, goodness, so sorry to hear about the bite. I rarely swell up from them; but normally, I wouldn’t give them the opportunity to bite. They’re pretty bad in our yard right now, especially in the evening when I like to sit on the porch. I keep looking for standing water & have found none. Time to get the citronella candle back out!

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