Day 229 Rosebud

Day 229 Rosebud by pixygiggles
Day 229 Rosebud, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

I think from now on whenever I have something to mail I will do what I did this evening. I parked my car at the Dogwood Park entrance off of East 1st Street and walked to the post office. It’s a short walk, but a very nice one. It gave me a chance to stop and smell the roses. Ah, so sweet a scent!


4 thoughts on “Day 229 Rosebud

    1. I would have hung out longer, but there appeared to be a family portrait session going on. When they made their way over to the gazebo and rose garden close to me, I figured I should head on out lest I become imprinted on their family photos, lol.

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