Day 227 Tiny, Tiny Tick

Day 227 Tiny, Tiny Tick by pixygiggles
Day 227 Tiny, Tiny Tick, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This was really, really pushing it for my camera, even with the aid of my LumiLoupe. I also cropped way in on the edit. Skin takes on an interesting pattern at this level of magnification. I was so distracted today (for good reason, I might add) that I didn’t give much thought to a daily photo, though I did snap this one right after I found the first tick.

I woke up with what I thought were mosquito bites all over my legs. Upon closer inspection, I realized those weren’t freckles in the red areas. They were ticks! Itty-bitty, tiny, little ticks! I pulled a total of four off of my legs today. Needless to say, from now on when David and I go hiking, we will be wearing a heavy dose of tick/mosquito repellent. Of course, I’ve gotten them once before like this on a hike where I was wearing repellent; so I’m not so sure how effective it is. Does anyone know of a good brand that actually works?


9 thoughts on “Day 227 Tiny, Tiny Tick

  1. I always use something with at least 50% Deet – I suffer badly from some types of Mozzy bites. I’ve only had the one tick (which I got in the US, I might add). I think your post is apt reminder, as I’m about to do a bit more ‘walkabout’ activities over the coming weeks. As I understand it, the most important thing to keep an eye open for is symptoms of Lyme Disease.

    1. In addition to Lyme Disease, here in TN we also have to worry about Rocky Mountain spotted fever and another bacterial illness called Ehrlichiosis. Symptoms are fairly similar in all 3, so I’ll definitely be on the lookout for anything abnormal. David & I, both, are ate up! As small as these were, they had to be in the larva stage which leads me to believe that we had to have walked through a nest of new hatchlings. I think I learned more about ticks yesterday than I ever cared to know, lol.

      1. Gosh, what a dangerous place you live in! 😉 Forewarned is forearmed in my book. I’ve always found that I’m rarely troubled by the things I know about but always by the things I don’t.

      2. Aw, it’s not so bad. 🙂 Even now, knowing that park is infested with ticks, I would still go back in a heartbeat. I enjoyed that hike a lot. No little bug will prevent me from enjoying my hikes. The way I look at it, they’re just trying to survive like the rest of us. I just happened to be the tasty meal that walked by, lol.

  2. highest deet content you can get and alway always check yourself thoroughly after walking through grass, I know it’s gross but you should especially check hairy area’s not just those exposed to the grasses they hang out on, they do like to climb I’m afraid.

    1. David found a couple on his ankles after we walked that first trail to the cemetery and a couple more later that evening at the restaurant we stopped for dinner. He tickled me when he came back from the restroom and said, “I found two more ticks in my nether regions.” Hopefully, I won’t embarrass him too bad by sharing that, haha.

      When we got home from the park Sunday night, we stripped down & searched each other for ticks, but didn’t find any. I guess they were just too small to see. Two days later, though, mercy! I washed all the bedding in hot water and soaked in a hot bubble bath for well over an hour. I really hope that takes care of them; however, I am a little worried there may still be some in my car.

      Thanks to both of you for the Deet recommendation. I didn’t realize that different products had different percentages of Deet concentration. I’m pretty sure what I was using before had a much lower percentage. I’m glad I bought one of those Benadryl itch relief sticks yesterday because these bites are itchy!

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