Day 222 Female Eastern Pondhawk

Several critters crossed my path today on my walk around Cane Creek Lake. I almost stepped on a little frog on the path. I saw an incredibly big earthworm that I thought was a small snake at first. It was almost as big as the ones we dissected in my high school zoology class!

And then there was this female Eastern Pondhawk. This dragonfly was a real beauty! She stayed so still the whole time I photographed her that I thought she might be dead. Before I left her, I offered her a finger because I didn’t want to her to get stepped on. To my amazement, she climbed right on my finger before flying away.

It turned out to be a beautiful day for a walk. I got back to my car and for no particular reason, decided to walk around the lake one more time. That brought my total walking distance up to right at 3.7 miles today. Having been cooped up in the house for so long with no exercise, that walk was just what I needed.


4 thoughts on “Day 222 Female Eastern Pondhawk

  1. Oh what I wouldn’t give to get a fabulous dragonfly shot like that – and what a gorgeous creature! Nice job, inviting it to climb on to your finger. I’m a bit envious all around.

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