Day 220 Roni Stoneman and Sister, Donna

Tonight, I went to the Putnam County Fair to walk around for a bit and ended up watching Roni Stoneman and her Mountain Country Band. After the show, I managed to get this photo of Roni Stoneman and her sister, Donna. I rarely get the chance to take photos of people, let alone celebrity figures; so I couldn’t resist sharing this one. Roni Stoneman was a member of the cast of Hee Haw, a comedy/variety TV show that featured a lot of country musicians. I grew up watching that show with my parents. She plays a mean banjo! They put on a great show with lots of laughs. Glad I went.

Roni Stoneman – House Of The Rising Sun


2 thoughts on “Day 220 Roni Stoneman and Sister, Donna

    1. Yep, I’m pretty sure it was on Saturday nights. It was such a goofy show, always made me laugh. After watching a few clips online yesterday, I’m certain I didn’t “get” a lot of the jokes as a kid, though, lol. I don’t listen to much country music nowadays, but I do really like bluegrass music.

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