Day 217 Portrait Session with Sasha

I took advantage of this rainy Saturday to do some portrait work with Sasha (above) and Dasha (below). Cats are a lot like kids. Build them a tent out of old curtains and they will come running to play.

The sisters quickly took over Fort Feline and indulged in their afternoon bathing ritual, but were easily enticed into play.

Today’s set-up:

I retired these old curtains after long use, but I saved them specifically to use as makeshift backdrops for photography. I wouldn’t suggest using your good lace curtains with pets because obviously their claws will damage them. That is the main reason this set was retired, though I have to admit they lasted a lot longer than I expect them to. 😉 The light source is a simple utility clamp light in addition to the overhead light in the room.

Interrupting Fly….

There’s nothing like a pesky fly in the house to pester the life out of you. On the bright side, they’re good exercise for cats.


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