Day 215 Downy Woodpecker Sketch

The photo I snapped to capture this moment really turned out awful, so I decided to draw from the photo instead and use the sketch as my daily photo. This gave me a chance to relax and draw for a bit, something that I haven’t been making enough time for lately. These little guys have frequented the bird feeders ever since I first put them up; but I have also noticed that they have been visiting the hummingbird feeder, also, which is right by this door.

This morning at around 7:00am, I kept hearing a knocking noise. I looked out into the living room to see all the cats staring intently at the door. When I went to the kitchen window to look out, I saw a downy woodpecker perched on the other side of the door! This gave me a good laugh. I refilled all the feeders this afternoon just on the mere chance that perhaps this downy was knocking with a purpose. I’m pretty sure he was simply going after insects on the wall; but hey, you never know.


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