Day 205 Freshly Molted Spider

My daily photo for July 23, 2012 is late… again. I could have had the photo posted, but I wanted to wait until I had the video I put together for this post secured online before posting the picture. I have a few choice words for video editing and uploading large files like that to YouTube. None of them are polite, so I’ll refrain. The sentiment is “grrr” to the power of infinity.

Anyway… this spider lives on my front porch. He has been there since spring, and I’ve watched him grow up from a tiny little thing. He’s now at least 3 times the size he was when I first noticed him. It’s become a habit to look for him whenever I go outside because he builds his web in the same place every night. Last night, I watched in amazement as he molted. At first, I thought something was wrong with him; but when I realized that he was molting, I couldn’t stop watching. I have to say that this was pretty special to watch and very fascinating! Enjoy the video and share your reactions! 😉


9 thoughts on “Day 205 Freshly Molted Spider

    1. I had an error in rendering the first go which caused glitches in the video. The second & third time were errors in uploading. I finally tried starting over from scratch which crashed Cyberlink PowerDirector. I was cussing by that point, LOL. Finally (thankfully), I got it uploaded properly & it’s playing properly. 😀 Many thanks for the comment!

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