Day 203 The Yo Yo

Day 203 The Yo Yo by pixygiggles
Day 203 The Yo Yo, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

My daily photo for yesterday is late, partly because David and I got home very late and partly because I was agonizing over what to share about our experience last night. I went alone to the Upper Cumberland Regional Fair on Friday night just to see what was there and how it compared to the Putnam County Fair. I wasn’t horribly impressed; but last night, I went back with David simply to share the experience with him.

I spent most of today writing up my review for this carnival only to choose not to share it because I don’t feel that this event deserves much attention. Yes, it was that bad. I do not and cannot recommend the 111 Flea Market or any events held there. Between the dishonest advertising tactics and poorly executed planning, I see very little else to share about it that would be worthwhile or helpful. Enough said.


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